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Bike Rentals

We have a wide selection of bicycles available to rent, including adult mountain bikes, kids mountain bikes, and E-bikes. Bookings are available online. Bookings may also be made in person or over the phone. Our rental department is located inside the store and at the bottom of the stairs. Prices will vary for rental products, ranging from $65 to $120 per day. Rental times available include: 1 day rental, 24 hour rental, or multiple day rental. 

Whether you are visiting from out of town and want to enjoy the North Shore of Minnesota or are a local wanting to experience riding new bikes on your favorite trails, we are here for you with expert knowledge of local trail systems  and ride route suggestions available. All rentals will include the bicycle and a helmet. Bike locks, multitools, and flat repair kits are also available upon request. If you are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian signature will be required on your rental liability waiver.

XC Mountain Bikes

XC mountain bikes are best used on dedicated mountain bike single track with limited trail features. The typical XC rider enjoys riding through the woods on dirt trails with some rocks and roots, berms and rollers. These bikes are light, fast, and a blast!

Recommended trail systems: Duluth Traverse, Hartley Nature Center, Mission Creek

*XC Mountain Bikes are not available for downhill lift access riding*

Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bikes are capable of riding any dedicated non-lift access single track mountain bike trail in Duluth. These bikes have ample suspension for trail features ranging from beginner to advanced. The typical trail rider enjoys riding singletrack trails with ratings rated from green to black diamond. These bikes have the goods to get you down the hill, and are light enough to enjoy the pedal back up.

Recommended trail systems: Any trail system

*Trail Mountain Bikes are not available for downhill lift access riding*

Enduro Mountain Bikes

Enduro mountain bikes are best used on trails with technical downhill features such as rock gardens, jumps, and drops. These bikes are also capable of riding lift access downhill dedicated singletrack. While these bikes are better suited for downhill riding, they are also suitable for trail riding. The typical enduro rider enjoys the descent and pedaling back up again, but really enjoys the descent much more than the pedal back up again. These bikes are tough, burly, and will get you going downhill in a hurry!

Recommended trail systems: Piedmont, Brewer, Spirit Mountain, Mont Du Lac

*Enduro Mountain bikes are available for dowhill lift access riding*

E-Bikes (City and Mountain)

E-bikes have electronic pedal assist, meaning that it is easier to ride greater distances and for a longer time in comparison to a regular bicycle. We have electronic city bikes and electronic mountain bikes available for rental. The mountain bikes fit into the trail category, and the city bikes are best used on bike paths and city streets with dedicated bike lanes.

Recommended singletrack: Any trail system

Recommended city riding: Lake walk, Munger trail, Gitchi Gami trail

Kids Mountain Bikes

These are full suspension kids mountain bikes equivalent to an adult trail bike. These bikes are prepped to ride any singletrack mountain bike trail in Duluth. 

Recommended trail systems: Any trail system

*Kids mountain bikes are available for downhill lift access riding*