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March Newsletter

A marvelous March approaches bringing with it multitudes of magnificent opportunity for outdoor fun and adventure!

This month we're enjoying the snow while we've got it still and can't believe how long the sun is staying up for. Long dark days are being left behind and we're moving into that time filled with anticipation for the long awaited summer. But not so quick! There's still time left to get the most out of your winter. Here are some updates from us here at Continental:

  • You may have heard the whisperings... but if you haven't... Here at Continental we are extremely enthused to announce the launch of our very own Continental Ski and Bike ambassador program!!!
    Mission: To establish Continental Ski & Bike (CSB) as a community oriented outdoor recreation lifestyle brand within the twin-ports and north shore communities by increasing exposure, serving the community as good stewards of our natural spaces and promoting an inclusive culture of outdoor recreation. 

    Summary: The CSB Ambassador Crew (Crew) will participate in volunteer activities as well as participate in local and regional races, events or notable expeditions and adventures while representing the brand with integrity, encouragement and camaraderie building. The Crew  will intentionally be composed of an equal number of participants who identify as male and who identify as femme, trans or women (FTW). The crew composition will also intentionally include people typically underrepresented in outdoor recreation. It will be managed by two leaders and a shop liaison. 

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  • More and more ski equipment is being placed on sale as the days get longer. Stop by and check it out!

  • If you have not yet, now is the time of year to have your bike maintenance services completed. March is a good time because there is a quicker turnaround time and your bike will be prepped to be ridden the second trails dry and open up. Stop by and chat with our service technicians about having work done on your bicycle(s) today!

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Tour Duluth - Lester

Saturday, March 4th -- Lester Amity Chalet 

10 AM: Nordic Spirit Ski Race and Woodski Tour! Choose between a 24 km CLASSIC or 12 km CLASSIC race. This year we will still have a Wooden Ski 10k Race and Tour! All racers receive a Nordic Spirit race hat! Also a Cookie Classic FREE race for kids ages 2-13! Details at the DXC Nordic Spirit web page.

12 PM to 5 PM: You Are Here Duluth! Join us for a community art project at the Lester-Amity Chalet that celebrates the outdoor areas of Duluth! Make a snowflake! Get a sticker! Stop by before the Candlelight Ski Event!

5 PM to 9 PM: Candlelight Ski! (Lester-Amity Chalet) Come on out for fun and fellowship on a luminary ski through Lester Park! Fun and a campfire at the Chalet before, during, and after the ski! 

Plus many more Tour Duluth events happening the first weekend of March!

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2023 11th Annual COGGS Gala

Saturday, March 18th

"This event is our largest fundraiser and all contributions are used to support our mission to develop sustainable trails, equitable trail access across the Twin Ports, and a welcoming outdoor recreational culture by promoting opportunities, education, programming, partnerships, and healthy outdoor fun."

"Over the past few years, we have been honored to watch our fellow community members take to the trails to escape, laugh, and enjoy the beautiful outdoor oasis that we are so fortunate to call home. The importance of the trail system for ALL riders regardless of age, race, gender, physical mobility or socioeconomic status has never been more important to our organization." 

It is COGGS vision to eliminate barriers that prevent accessibility and work to provide an outdoor space where all members of the community can feel at home.

Join us!

Women's Night Fat Biking | Skiing

At Lester-Amity Chalet

Join this collaboration between women representing Continental Ski & Bike, SkiHut, COGGS and DXC every Thursday for Fat Bike Riding, Skate Skiing or Classic Skiing.These all women's social rides and/or skiing are about bringing those who identify as women together to support each other in learning and practicing Fat Biking and Nordic skiing in a safe, fun, supportive environment, while also providing opportunities to connect with others!  We welcome all body types, fitness levels, abilities, and ages.

Don’t have a Fat Bike?  No problem!  Call Continental to reserve a bike for these rides complimentary (first come first serve).  Call 218.728.4466 for details.  This is a great way to try it out without any risk!

Wednesday Night Social

We continue to have our Wednesday Night Social events throughout the winter months.  Plans have had to be a little more flexible with our variable winter weather but we have still been getting out. Join us for socializing and winter fun. We will fatbike, ski, or sit by the fire depending on conditions! Follow our Instagram page for the latest plans/updates.

Experience of the Month

An experience enjoyed and now shared for your own inspiration

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Back Country Nordic Skiing

The early nordic ski season always seems to be my favorite. Maybe it's the excitement of the new winter season finally arriving, or maybe it's the sunny days where I embrace the newfound cold and get to wear the other half of the clothes that I own. But what sticks out to me now is that maybe it is the type of skiing that I get to do.

In the early nordic ski season the trails are yet to be groomed. This leaves the skiier to their own creativity on where exactly they will enjoy the first few skis of the season. For me, I always end up on the golf courses. When you ski on golf courses, you are able to go wherever you want and leave your own tracks and trail behind you. And for me, that is one big reason why I enjoy it so much! There's no trail to follow, so you just make it up your own. Once the trails are groomed, however, the skiier returns to following the groomed ski trails. And by then, there is often too much snow to push through on your standard nordic skis. This is where backountry nordic skis come in. 

Last month I had the opportunity to ski some Rossignol 125 BC skis with a 75mm style boot. This means that the width of the ski under my foot was 125cm compared to the standard 44cm of a race nordic ski. The extra width allows you to float over several feet of snow. You can hop on these skis and make your own tracks and trail throughout the entire winter season! The skis that I tried had metal edges as well, allowing for smoother and more predictable turns in the snow. There is something about the freedom of creating your own path through the woods that is enticing to me. If you want to head towards a peak or a valley in the terrain before you, you are welcome to do so. The only limitation is your own body and grit. Then again, if you head out a ways but grow tired, you can simply turn around and take the shortest route back, even as the crow flies. 

Creating your own path through the woods has other appeals to it as well. For one, you can climb or descend as much as you'd like. If you prefer climbing and would like to push yourself that way, you can create a route that maximizes elevation gain and make it as hard as you like. If you'd rather spend the day descending down hills, you can find a knoll to slowly climb up and quickly descend back down over and over again! Or, if you'd prefer more level ground you can take a leisurely stroll winding across hills and valleys all the while avoiding any elevation gain at all. Point being, it is up to you! Create what you will, and simply enjoy the skiing and scenery. Another benefit of back country nordic skiing is the immersion in nature. Since you are off on your own rather than being on a trail system, there are typically less people around you. There are also typically more encounters with forest animals and trees. 

Whether you head out alone or with some friends, I'd recommend back country nordic skiing to anyone who enjoys nordic skiing. This experience was fun and got me excited to get out on my nordic skis again. Now all I have to do is dream about getting into the woods again or maybe onto a frozen river or creek. More good snow is yet to come!

Product of the month

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Rottefella Xplore Binding on OAC Skis

The terrain in Duluth is neither mountainous nor flat. The density of the forest is similarly moderate - depending on where you are in town. Maybe that's why nordic backcountry skiing fits in so well here.

I was hooked on the idea of heading out my door on skis that could take me up the hillside and then turn around to sail through the trees on the way back down our low-angle slopes.

The Rottefella Xplore binding moves just as easy as a nordic binding on the climb, with the option of a medium or stiff bumper to lean the skis with confident control on all varieties of snow while descending.

I mounted these bindings to OAC Skinbased 160cm XCD-GT skis to have a light and versatile ski that requires no time to transition from descent to climb thanks to the small but effective integrated Mohair-mix skin. The skis won't walk you straight up spirit mountain, but find the right grade on the way up, and the hill is all yours on the way down thanks to metal edges and a light, responsive, foam core. 

Bonus! the bases can take all kinds of beating while skiing through brush without taking much damage. I'm impressed with their durability.

Alpine and Nordic Full Tune Service

A full tune service on your skis will result in skis that are faster and easier to control. The service includes a stone grind, which levels the base of your skis and imprints a structure that will help you glide well and shed extra water that you don't need. On top of that, a full tune service will include sharpening your alpine ski edges and a temperature specific wax job on your nordic or alpine skis. Whether you want to grip into icy hardpack or punch through spring crud, this service will help you to do so. Stop by and chat with our ski techs about having this service completed on your skis.