Birkie Training 2020



XC Ski Training with Nikolai Anikin

This fun group provides a great opportunity to work on your skiing skills.

In the fall we will use Dryland ski specific drills and exercises to mimic skiing on snow. Once the snow flies we will work on more specific aspects of XC skiing including skate and classic techniques that are used on up hills and flats as well as some downhill work to inspire confidence.

Workouts begin with a 30min warmup followed by 45-60 min of ski specific instruction and ending with a 15-30min cool down to practice what we've learned. We will alternate skate and classic sessions in the fall and throughout the winter. We will use video analysis to help with technique work. We will also do a couple of optional short time trials (2-3k) to evaluate progress. 

There are lights at Chester Bowl and Spirit MT but please bring a headlamp for extra confidence.
If you are interested in improving your ski technique and fitness in this fun group, come join us for a free lesson and if you like, stay for the season.
The Thursday Night Group meets from 6-8pm at Chester Bowl for Dryland in the fall and Spirit MT Grand Ave Chalet for on snow lessons. Oct 17-Mar 12.
Cost for the 6 month program is $300. 

Or join us for a lesson for $30.
Please contact Nikolai with questions at or c218 491 1560.

Schedule Subject to Change Based on Conditions

October 17 Week 1 Dryland No-Poles, No-Push, Elastic 

  2 Dryland W/Poles Intro to Classic Push, Elastic 

 3 Dryland Skate, Double-Pole Bounding 

4 Dryland Classic Video

5 Dryland Skate Video

6 Dryland Classic Stride

7 On-Snow Uphill Skate V1

8 On-Snow Classic Diagonal Stride 

9 On-Snow Skate Open-Field or Alternative

10 On-Snow Classic Double-Pole and Double-Pole kick  

11 On-Snow  Skate downhills 

12  On-Snow Skate V2

 13  On-Snow Double pole and double pole kick video 

14  On-Snow Skate V2 and open field video 

15 On-Snow Classic Downhills

16 On-Snow Short Race W/Video 

17 On-Snow Birkie Strategy, Easy Ski

18 Skate Downhill Corners W/Video

19 Group Ski Classic

20 Group Ski Skate

21 Group Ski Skate and Season Ending Dinner


If the weather does not allow a lesson, we'll do a wax clinic at Continental.

No Lesson on Thanksgiving.

Hope to see you on the trails.