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Cross Country Ski Boots

Experience the ultimate comfort and performance with our Alaska 75 boot, designed specifically for sport enthusiasts. The anatomic footbed, Thinsulate thermal insulation, and use of natural materials provide exceptional comfort and warmth. Built to withstand rigorous activities, this boot is incredibly durable. Equipped with a 75 mm Vibram sole, it ensures excellent grip and efficient power transfer, allowing you to maximize your performance on the field. Step into the Alaska 75 and elevate your sport experience with unmatched comfort and durability.
$119.99 $119.99 On Sale
This boot is a pleasant ride for your soul and foot alike. Trust the ergonomic Vibram 75mm sole to take you where you need to go comfortably and without drama. The cuff and heel counter offer maximum support when you need to press down and skate, while the inside of the boot stays warm in the harshest conditions.
Experience the thrill of exploring unknown places, breathing in fresh air, and embracing positive energy on your way to unforgettable experiences. The new Pioneer model is your perfect companion, equipped with a hard flex explorer sole and adorned in natural leather. With an anatomic footbed for stability and coziness, and the Alpitex membrane keeping the shoe well-ventilated and dry, the Pioneer model offers the perfect combination of comfort and performance. With its classic look and impeccable technical finish, the Pioneer model is always the right choice for your outdoor adventures.
Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and performance with this exceptional boot. Equipped with our latest innovation, the original Alpina sole, and enhanced with the 4DRY breathable system, this boot guarantees a remarkable skiing experience. The insulated inside lining, featuring Thinsulate material, effectively repels water, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Whether you're a seasoned skier or just starting out, this boot is an essential addition to your gear box, offering the perfect balance of comfort and performance.
$199.99 $199.99 On Sale
Get ready to make your mark on the tracks with the new RACING COMBI. Specifically designed for beginners, this boot offers the ideal balance of ample room for your foot and the necessary support to keep you on your feet. Crafted from premium materials, this boot guarantees impressive results without compromising on comfort. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your skills, the RACING COMBI is the perfect choice to kick-start your skiing journey.
$229.99 $279.99 18% Off
Discover the perfect companion for recreational runners who prioritize comfort without compromising on functionality - the new RACING SKATE. Designed with a relaxed fit, this boot ensures optimum comfort throughout your skiing experience. The original hard flex Alpina sole, cuff, and shell provide exceptional functionality and support, allowing you to maximize your performance on the track. Whether you're speeding down the slopes or enjoying a leisurely glide, the RACING SKATE delivers the perfect balance of comfort and performance.
Ready, set, go! Lace up, zip up, and embark on an adventure with the T10. Leave all worries behind as you effortlessly maneuver around bends and explore the unknown. Designed for those seeking comfort, this boot features a relaxed fit and a warm, cozy feeling without compromising on functionality. Whether you're skiing on familiar slopes or venturing into new territories, the T10 is the perfect companion that offers the ideal combination of comfort, versatility, and functionality in every situation.
Embark on thrilling adventures across snow-covered plains with the new T15. Designed to cater to both leisurely runs and high-speed pursuits, this boot guarantees exceptional stability and smooth handling on the skis. Experience the perfect balance of performance and comfort, as the T15 allows you to push your limits without compromising on comfort. Explore with confidence and embrace the exhilaration of the snowy terrain with this exceptional boot.
Run in style with the new and improved design of our boot. We have reimagined all the familiar features, wrapping them in a sleeker and better-fitting design. This boot performs like a pro, offering twice the room and three times the comfort. With an anatomic footbed and an ergonomic NNN T4 sole, you'll experience exceptional support and stability. The thermally insulated inside lining keeps the cold outside, ensuring your feet stay warm. Step into comfort and elevate your skiing experience with this stylish and high-performing boot.
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