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Cross Country Skate Skis

The Madshus Endurace Skate 2023... a ski designed for training and touring, enhances your mountain and forest skiing adventures. With race-inspired geometry ensuring stability at all speeds, precise control, and a lightweight AstaraLite core, this ski offers an enjoyable on-snow experience. Discover the joy of skiing wherever your tours take you!
The Endurace Skate 2024, crafted for training and skate touring, maximizes enjoyment on mountain trails and through forests. Its race-inspired geometry and sidecut ensure stability at all speeds, offering precision and control. The AstaraLite core not only reduces weight but also enhances responsiveness, delivering a more enjoyable on-snow experience.
The Race Pro Skate, formerly known as the Redline Carbon Skate, epitomizes trickle-down technology. With an impressive track record of Olympic and World Cup victories, it's a top-tier ski delivering proven high-level performance. Priced more affordably than the Redline, the Race Pro Skate provides an accessible means to get high-performance skis. Its carbon construction ensures a powerful and stable platform, featuring our top-tier P300 Nano base to help you maintain a swift pace. The universal camber profile caters to all snow conditions, making this ski a versatile choice for ambitious racers.
The Race Speed Skate 2024 is the perfect ski for conquering both race day and every day. Featuring race-proven geometry and carbon construction directly inspired by their World Cup-level Redline series, high-quality base material, and a universal skate camber engineered to handle all conditions, the Race Speed Skate is a solid choice and represents exceptional value for money.
This design excels in maintaining momentum, even in situations where a switch to the offset (V1) technique is typically required. The absence of a groove in the front pressure zone makes it easier to turn the ski onto the edge efficiently for sustained double skate (V2) through uphills.
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