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Alpine Ski Service

Alpine Edge & Wax


Sharpen Side Edges

Scrape and Brush

Hot Wax

Premium Tune


P-Tex Base Scores

Stone Grind (Flatten and Structure Base)

Sharpen Side and Base Edge

Hot Wax

Scrape and Brush

Boot/Binding Adjust


Binding Adjustments based off boot, weight, height, age, and skier ability

Check DIN & safety settings

Test Binding with twist and forward release on Winterstieger SafeTronic

A La Carte

Apply Hot Wax $ 15

Install Telemark Binding $75

Install Touring Binding $99

Install/Test Alpine Binding $70

Remount/Test Alpine Binding $75

Tip/Tail Repair $25

Custom Boot Fit $49

Oven-bake Boot Liner $25