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The Continental Ski & Bike Artist Series

In an effort to support our local artist, as well as create some pretty awesome graphics for us to keep the stoke high, we have been steadily reaching out to local artist in our community to help develop some cool looking designs! This is a win-win move in we get to support the artist by paying them for their work, and we get an amazing end product! The goal is to have something new to share a few times a year, so stay tuned and keep a lookout for the latest and greatest design to pop up from these exciting collaborations! 

Schlarbing the gnar! - Tom Moriarty

So here's the story... One day we're sitting in the shop having a great conversation (like we always do) and one our mechanics, Asa, says "check this out!" Asa proceeds to show a very cute video of his adorable daughter, Teddy, ripping along riding her bike saying "Dad and Teddy, schlarbing the gnar!" After a small amount of description on what in the world "schlarbing the gnar" means, we decide we just have to do something with this, it's too good to leave just sitting there. We reached out to our buddy Tom and tell him to have his way with it, and oh dang, he certainly did! The bike graphic that he came up with took off and we have seen it all over the place, how cool! Because of its popularity, we had him create some winter designs as well that turned out equally radical! We do have an idea for a fourth design, but we'll just have to wait and see if that comes to fruition... 

Crushed It! - Nula Fisher

There we were, just out for a casual bike ride around Madeline Island and the topic of a new artist graphic is brought up. At first, Nula seemed surprised by the opportunity, but once she went for it and got designing, we couldn't be happier with what she did for us. You might say, she "crushed it" with the design, but we're maybe a wee bit biased... ;)

Check out her Instagram (click on her name up above) and see all kinds of awesome designs, gnome stickers, earrings, and other beautiful art!

Cruising! - Ian Lundborg

The time had come for the next design and Ian instantly came to mind. With an eye for classic traditional tattoo design and a love for the outdoor adventures we all love to participate in, we just knew he'd come up with something pretty special. He captured the quintessential Duluth visual experience that we all have come to love; that big ol' lake, boats, the lift bridge, rolling hills, and ripping down them on our trusty bikes!

Click on Ian's name above to see his amazing portfolio of photos, wood burning pieces, and lots of rad stickers you can buy!

Duluth Hillside -Tyler Johnson

Next up in the artist series is this amazing design by our good friend and customer, Tyler! Tyler has a knack for making timeless designs that are quick to engage with the users eye by drawing them in to focus in on what exactly they might be looking at. This piece is no different. Take a close look to see a glimpse at some classic Duluth hillside iconic imagery scattered throughout the design that includes spots like seven bridges road, Enger Tower, the tunnel of Elys Peak, and more! We hope you enjoy this design and all of the awesome products and stickers we had this printed on!

Click on Tyler's name to see more of his portfolio!