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Tools & Tuning

Toko Base Brush Horsehair
This fine horse-hair brush is perfect for brushing even the finest structures.  Best for finishing cold waxes.
Toko Base Brush Oval Horsehair
This fine horse-hair brush is perfect for brushing even the finest structures.
Toko Base Performance Hot Wax
Very soft special wax with low melting point. Ideal for base cleaning and use as basic care of new skis - Penetrates very deep into the base - Biodegradable - Resealable wax case - Base cleaning: Wax the base and remove again while the wax is still warm. Snow temperature recommendations: - Yellow 32F to 21F - Red 25F to 10F - Blue 14F to -22F
Toko Base Performance Liquid Paraffin
Liquid paraffin wax to meet the high demands of junior racing and for training sessions in all disciplines. No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally). - Yellow for warm conditions (Snow temp 32f to 21f) - Red for medium conditions (Snow temp 25f to 10f) - Blue for cold conditions (Snow temp 14f to -22f) - A good practice is to “aim cold” with these waxes. Blue is an excellent overall wax.
Toko Basic Hot Wax Kit 120
120g Base Performance Yellow/ Red/ and Blue/ a nylon brush/ and a 3mm plexiscraper all in a nice kit bag!
Toko Digital Snowthermometer
Digital snow thermometer. Measurement range from -40 °C to 200 °C / -40 °F to 392 °F. Can be switched between ° C and F°. With min/max function. Compact size (15 cm long).
Toko Edge Tuner World Cup, 110V (US)
Electronic precision edge grinder for tuning side edges quickly and professionally. It gives edges a World Cup finish. - Ergonomic design makes it very easy to use - Grinders simple to replace - Easily adjustable angle settings 85 to 90 degrees - Comes with Diamond Disc 5560053 - 110V for use in the USA
Toko Express Racing Paste
Performance racing paste wax for all snow types and conditions, fluoro free
Toko Legs For Cross Country Profile
Foldable legs for cross country profile. - 1 pair
Toko Multi-Purpose Scraper
Practical plastic tool for removing wax residue in grooves on edges and sidewalls. With Klister edge.
Toko Nordic Grip Wax
$15.99 - $16.00
For use in hard wax conditions when classic skiing. Practical packaging: the wax can be twisted out like a deodorant stick enabling the waxer a good grip on the wax and the ability to use all of the product. - Yellow for snow temperatures 0C- -2C (32F-28F) - Red for snow temperatures -2C- -10C (28F-14F) - Blue for snow temperatures -7C- 30C (19F- -22F) - XCold for snow tempertures -12C- -30C (10F- -22F) - Base Green is a binder and makes what you put on it last longer. It can also be very good by itself in some conditions.
Toko Nordic Klister Spray
Highly effective GripSpray for fast/ clean/ and durable grip application with outstanding adhesion. - Base Green: Used as the foundation for other GripSprays (or other klisters or grip waxes) and greatly improves abrasion resistance and durability. - Universal: Universal klister formula
Toko Performance Hot Wax
$49.99 - $50.00
- Performance Hot Wax for racing and training/ fluorine free - Yellow for wet conditions (Snow temp 32f to 21f) - Red for medium conditions (Snow temp 25f to 10f) - Blue for cold conditions (Snow temp 14f to -22f)
Toko Performance Hot Wax
Performance Hot Wax for racing and training, fluorine free. - Yellow for wet conditions (Snow temp 32f to 21f) - Red for medium conditions (Snow temp 25f to 10f) - Blue for cold conditions (Snow temp 14f to -22f)
Toko Plasto Cork
Synthetic cork for corking Grip and Klister waxes.
Toko Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin
Special extra soft polishing brush specifically designed for use with High Performance Liquid Waxes
Toko Pump-Up Sprayer
Practical pump-up-sprayer to be refilled with Toko liquid products such as Wax Remover HC3, Universal Proof or Shoe Fresh.
Toko RS-Skiholder Belt
Skiholder Belt for 16 Nordic skis/ length: 95 cm.
Toko Racing Wax Remover 500ml
Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of bases. Removes wax residue especially of Top Finish products and prepares the base for waxing.
Toko Repair Candle 6mm
$6.45 - $7.99
Base repair-stick for base damage. Just light it and drip the repair material onto the base.
Toko Rotary Brush 10mm Nylon Black
Soft nylon brush for polishing bases. - 10mm long bristles
Toko Rotary Brush 4mm Nylon Grey
Roller brush for universal use in brushing out waxes. - 4mm long bristles
Toko Rotary Brush 6mm Horsehair
For brushing out hard and medium-hard paraffin waxes. - 6mm long bristles
Toko Rotary Brush Merino Wool
Merino Wool Rotary Brush for cold application of waxes. - 100mm wide
Toko Rotary Cork Roller
For applying JetStream waxes.
Toko Scraper Sharpener
Plexiblade sharpener for 3/ 4/ 5 and 6 mm blade width. With ceramic disc.
Toko Scraper Sharpener 110V
Electronic precision tool for sharpening and planing Plexiscraper blades. Fits 3, 4, and 5mm scrapers.
Toko Ski Vise Nordic
Simple/ very compact fixation device for cross-country skis (skating and classic). Secures with adjustable centre part directly on the binding. Compatible with all current binding models. Ideal for travelling.
Toko Snowthermometer 40/-35C
Snow thermometer. Measuring range 97 °F to -33 °F. Precise measuring range for a snow temperature range of 32 °F to -4 °F. In practical pen format.
Toko Steel Scraper Blade
Steel blade for removing base material during structure and base repair.
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