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Alpine Touring Ski Bindings

Atomic Backland Pure
The Atomic Backland Pure is a convenient and truly lightweight tech binding for alpine touring – weighing in at just 305g per pair with the included leash. It's durable and easy to use, featuring a patented step-in aid at the front so your boot is automatically positioned to click in. Then two climbing aids work separately from the heel tower, so with one easy click, you can choose between 0°, 7°, and 13° positions. Performance-wise the Backland Pure is exceptional, with a broad 40mm mounting for max power transmission on wide skis (this also cuts the risk of the screws pulling out). It's compatible with standard crampons and has a lengthy 30mm sole-length adjustment. Get ready to tour! TECH FEATURES - Patented Step-in Aid - Crampon Compatible - Climbing Aid - Leash - Crampon Backland 80/90/100/110mm
Black Diamond Fritschi Tecton 13
Combining the best of both worlds, the Tecton is a lightweight touring binding that performs like an alpine binding on the downhill. By utilizing the pin toe unit of the Vipec bindings, the Tecton remains nimble for the uphill. However, once it's time to rip skins and charge, the Tecton's innovative heel-locking lever provides the serious power transfer and security you'd normally reserve for a heavier binding, while also providing a solid connection from boot to binding to ski. The Tecton also features a lateral safety release that allows it to be set for specific release forces, which adds safety to your backcountry excursions. The easy step-in and the intuitive control provide security, especially in challenging terrain. The right mix of light high-tech synthetics and high-quality metal alloys provides superior stability at a low weight. - One Color w/ interchangeable inserts for customization. - DIN 5-13 - Alpine heel w/ rail - Lateral release at toe w/ DIN and 13mm of elasticity - Vertical release at the heel w/ 9mm of elasticity - New easy step in - Complete easy handling package
Black Diamond Fritschi Vipec Evo 12
With an improved step-in function that makes for even smoother in-and-out, and wider DIN range, the new Vipec Evo still includes the hallmarks of the original: a pre-defined safety release in the front, easy switch toe, and an ultra-light construction. The mechanics have been retooled and improved for better handling in variable terrain. Nimble for the uphill and burly for the downhill, the Vipec Evo is perfect for the dedicated backcountry skier who values lightweight, yet reliable equipment. - One Color w/ interchangeable inserts for customization. - DIN 4-12 - Lateral front release with DIN setting and 10 mm of elasticity - Emergency release when climbing - New easy step-in - Solid, non-turning heel
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