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Telemark Ski Bindings

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If Sondre Norheim could have skied the Voile X2 Telemark Binding, he might never have left the mountains of Norway for the flatlands of North Dakota. The X2 sums up 35 years of telemark binding innovation and evolution from Voile. One of the hallmarks of that body of work is our consistent abandonment of the use of flexible (and breakable) cables. Stranded wires may be great for moving electrons, but for transferring turning forces to a ski, our own tenet of rigid coiled springs, steel rods and spring-loaded cartridges has more than proven itself over time. In 2007, we took a cue from the randonnee world and introduced the now-legendary, Voile Switchback, a telemark binding with a foolproof, free-pivot option that greatly facilitates climbing. (And does so with the simple flick of a ski pole.) Built on the success of the Switchback, the X2 is a beefier, more-active, binding-but still an uphill wonder. And wrapped up in a sleek, minimalist design that a Scandinavian would admire and that lives up to a Voile credo: Less is ALWAYS more. Optimized for maximum power transfer, the X2 is augmented with stiffer cartridges, a much-longer toe plate and a boot pivot point relocated 26mm to the rear. The happy result is a powerful binding with superb downhill performance and the added efficiency of much-easier uphill travel. With regard to the latter, the X2 and Switchback, as well as our 3-Pin Hardware, all feature dual-height climbing elevators. When you reach the top of your toil, just "switch back" to the X2's downhill mode, and you'll soon be making turns that would even make Sondre jealous. Not compatible with the Voile Release Kit. Sold as a pair. Benefits - Toe plate lengthened for more boot contact and new Hardwire cable position for more power. - Stiffer cartridge springs by 25%. - Full-wrap around stainless steel toe plate without rivets. - Enclosed design eliminates ice build-up. - Lightest weight available, 3.2 lbs/1451.5g/pair. - Appropriate riser height, 25mm. - Time tested Hardwire heel assembly instead of braided cables. - Includes dual height heel elevators +65mm/100mm. - Free-pivoting - Ideal for Off-Piste
This binding is a classic! Super Telemark is a three pin binding designed for low leather boots. Rottefella 75 mm with cable Short fits shoe sizes 36-44. - Weight: 370 g per pair - Height: 6 mm - Recommended riser: 10 mm
- Future Proof. NTN or 75mm "Duckbill" boot compatibility. Pick one now and have the option to change later with a Conversion Kit - Intuitive "alpine style" step-in / step-out means no more bending over. - The Real Heel Feel: These bindings attach to the whole boot, from toe-to-heel, giving you plenty of power combined with a natural boot flex. Read more here - Softer Spring Kit gives you more customization with the option of a more supple, lighter knee drop while keeping all the Bishop lateral stability and edge power transfer - Spring tension (binding "activeness") is easily adjusted on the hill with the turn of a screw - 75mm version has a dedicated LEFT and RIGHT binding. The small leash hole in the Toe Cage should be on the outside. - One Size Fits most boots 75mm: minimum boot length 280mm NTN: minimum boot length 270mm Bishop's Bomber Lifetime Guarantee What you get with the BMF/R Telemark Binding (and not with the BMF/3) - Tour like a pro on the road to pow town with 60 degrees of biomechanically optimized resistance-free climbing mode - Climbing risers: 7- and 14- degree heel risers to tame any climb - Complete control on the descent with our patented, rock-solid "Lock Wedge" ski-mode, combined with our patented Sliding Plate System (US10058763) - Simple switch between ski and tour mode with a pole grip or glove - Weight: 2070g/pair (if you're wearing spandex, these ain't for you)
The proven standard in free-pivot 75mm bindings. The Axl Telemark binding sports a bombproof 6-hole mounting pattern, long-lasting chrome die springs, and a front assembly built of tough stainless steel. It gives you adjustable, exceptional power, but tours effortlessly. Try it and you'll love it! Sizing: Small is for Mondo boots 25.5 and down, Large for 26 and up.
*Sizing: For NTN Bindings, the binding Size MUST match your boot size. Scarpa and Crispi boots 26.0 and under fit the Small Bindings, 26.5 and up are Large. For Scott/Garmont boots, the break is between 25.5 and 26.0* The Lynx is our NTN tech-toe light touring binding. It features composite flex plates, adjustable preload and flex, and a lightweight yet durable design. Built in the USA with machined aluminum parts, an easy-to-switch ski/walk mode, and lightweight springs with plenty of travel, it’s the new standard in light touring for telemark bindings. Recommended for setups that will spend at least 80-90% of their time in the backcountry. The tech-toe design allows touring without any lifted binding weight, so skiers can keep up with even their spandex-clad AT brethren. But since it’s a 22 Designs binding, skiers get the durability they expect and the reward of smooth, powerful tele turns on the way down. One touch puts the binding into free pivot mode. Once at the top, ski mode is also easily pole activated, peel skins and drop in! The 21-22 Lynx features improved claw action, with a lift lip making it easy to flip the claw up with your pole handle at the top of the skintrack. Also double-chamfer low profile arms to shave some weight, and longer springs for durability. The Small Lynx now have a softer flex due to softer main and flex plates.
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Incorporating features of the bombproof Axl, but designed as a lift-serve 75mm binding, the Vice provides three pivot positions to dial in to your skiing style and the snow you're on. We've improved on the solid, active design of the HammerHead to come up with the best-skiing 75mm binding on the market. If you liked the HammerHead, you'll love the Vice. Sizing: Small is for Mondo boots 25.5 and down, Large for 26 and up.
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