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Bike Fit

Benefits of a Professional Bike Fit

  • People who are new to riding
  • Experienced riders who have never had a bike fit, or have not had a fit in more than 5 years
  • Cyclists who are experiencing cycling-related pain (hand numbness, foot numbness, neck pain, etc.)
  • Cyclists with pre-existing pain or injuries
  • Cyclists with leg length discrepancies
  • Triathalon racers
  • Long distance cyclists (both road and MTB)
  • Improve overall rider comfort.
  • Help prevent cycling-induced repetitive stress injuries.

Fit Package Options

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’re looking to shave seconds off of your next race time, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. Learn more about our fit services and schedule your appointment today. 

Fit/Demo Saddle


  • Standard Fit includes:
  •  Personal interview
    • Dynamic Saddle Fit

Hybrid/Mountain Bike Fit


  • Standard Fit plus:
  • Flexibility assessment
    • Measure and adjust handlebar width
    • Pedal/cleat alignment
    • Printed copy of bike measurements

Road/Tri Precision Fit


  • Advanced Fit plus:
  • Video analysis of dynamic cycling position
    • Adjustment of all measurements based on video analysis
    • Aerobar setup (optional)

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.

Bike fit sessions are scheduled on weekdays and by appointment ONLY, no drop-ins.