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Swix Pro Fit 3D Handle Straps
This strap provides the perfect combination of performance and comfort. This strap design has been developed in collaboration with World Cup skiers. Strong nylon outer material and 3D-mesh inside. The combination allows efficient power transfer during skiing, while ensuring optimal comfort. DETAILS - For racing and recreational use - For racers, athletes and exercisers - Great fit and performance - Fits all handles with traditional webbing and locking cap
Swix Quantum 5
The Quantum Five is designed with focus on stiffness, impact strength and durability. This pole is an excellent choice for skiers that are looking for solid performance and that accept a little extra weight for an almost unbreakable pole. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D strap assures good power transmission and comfort. The TBS system allows for easy and fast change of basket. The poles are delivered with the 97 large TBS baskets. Specifications: Stiffness: 38 mm Shaft weight: 85 gr/m Strength: >75 kp Total weight 155 cm pole: 199 grams Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 135 cm - 180 cm. 5 cm interval. DETAILS - Racing Composite pole - For groomed trails - Stiffness, impact strength and durabillity - TBS componenets
Swix Quantum 5 Jr, Aluminium
Cylindrical 5086 aluminum shaft with PC handle, shaped strap and racing basket fitted to develop good skiing technique. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, skating. DETAILS - Junior aluminium pole - For groomed trails - For kids and juniors - Entry level pole
Swix Triac 3.0, IPM carbon composite
Swix Triac 3.0 is a significant step forward to meet the most demanding requirements in Cross Country. We have worked closely with world-leading athletes to achieve the new state-of-the-art cross country pole. All details have been thought and no compromises are done. Performance and nothing else counts. Specification: - Stiffness: 23mm - Shaft weight: 56gr/m - Strength: 70kp - Total weight 155cm pole: 136 grams - Lengths: 135cm - 180cm. 2.5cm interval. - Recommended use: Groomed trails, competition racing, skating, and classic skiing. Details - Racing Carbon pole, IPM Tecnology - For groomed Trails - Racing - TBS and TCS Components
Swix Triac JR, advanced carbon composite
Composite shaft especially designed for Juniors. Features PC handle with cork-filled thermoplastic grip zone, Swix Triac strap and large ’97 basket. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic disciplines, skating. DETAILS - Composite pole - For groomed trails - For juniors - Profit 3D strap and large 97 basket
Rossignol Kid's Poles Telescopic Jr
The Telescopic Jr is a juniors' lightweight pole with a durable aluminum shaft and a grip that's sized for smaller hands. The adjustable shaft is perfect for growing kids, ensuring they won't outgrow their new pole too quickly. Lightweight Strength Aluminum zicral shaft construction offers a great balance of lightness, durability and strength Adjustable Length Two-piece telescopic build allows easy length adjustment - Weight: 170g (100cm) - Shaft material: aluminum zicral - Shaft diameter: 12/14mm - Grip material: mono - Tip material: steel - Basket material: mono - Basket type: junior - 60mm
Rossignol L2 Commutable Basket
Replacement Nordic basket, XL. Sold as pair.
Rossignol L2 Race Basket
Replacement Nordic Race basket. Sold as pair.
Rossignol L2 Rubber Nat.Cork+Wedge Nordic Grip
Replacement bi-injected rubber and cork Nordic grip includes wedge to secure pole straps. Sold as pair.
Rossignol Men's All Mountain Poles Tactic Carbon 20 Safety
The Tactic carbon 20 safety pole offers all-mountain versatility and a dynamic feel in a lightweight, 20% carbon build. Ergonomic grips provide secure, comfortable feel, while the quick-release safety straps let the pole drop away in the event of a fall. Improved Swing Weight 20% carbon conical shaft offers lightweight rigidity and lightened swing weight Secure, Comfortable Grip Bi-injected components help absorb vibration transmitted up the pole for a more secure grip and all-day comfort Quick-Release Straps Safety grip quickly disengages the pole strap from the grip in the event of a fall or avalanche involvement - Grip: Safety Bi-Material - Strap Type: Active - Basket: Bi-Material - Tip: Steel
Rossignol Men's On Piste Poles Poker Pro
The Poker Pro is a do-it-all freeride performance pole for juniors. It features a durable, lightweight aluminum shaft and extended touring grip for all-day comfort over long traverses. The pole comes with interchangeable hard snow and powder baskets, so you are ready for any conditions. Strong and Lightweight Aluminum dural shaft is light and durable Multi-Grip Options Extended foam grip offers multiple grip options to reduce hand fatigue and accommodate changes in terrain Versatile Design Interchangeable baskets allow you to ski a wide range of conditions - Weight: 260g - Shaft material: aluminum dural - Shaft diameter: 18mm - Grip material: bi - Grip type: hero w/thermo sleeve - Tip material: steel - Basket material: mono - Basket: free - 85mm / regular 60mm
Rossignol Unisex Racing Poles Hero SL
The Hero SL racing pole offers elite-level performance to slalom racers going for record time. The sturdy aluminum shaft features a triangular design for enhanced aerodynamics, while the World Cup grip offers a secure, comfortable hold from starting gate to finish line. Lightweight Strength Aluminum Zicral shaft construction offers a great balance of lightness, durability, and strength Engineered for Racing Triangular shaft offers enhanced aerodynamics and strength for competitive racing - Grip: Bi-material Hero grip - Strap Type: Hero Velcro - Basket: Bi-material race, 54mm - Tip: Carbide
Rossignol Women's Poles Electra Carbon
The women's Electra Carbon ski pole blends the durability of aluminum with the light swing weight of carbon for well-timed pole plants and a responsive feel. The women's-specific grip features a smaller circumference for a secure, comfortable feel. Improved Swing Weight 20% carbon conical shaft offers rigidity and lightened swing weight Comfortable Grip Bi-injected components help absorb vibration transmitted up the pole for a more secure grip and all-day comfort - Grip: Bi-material - Strap Type: Active - Basket: Bi-Material - Tip: Steel
Atomic Park
The Atomic Park pole is perfect for park and pipe – and by that we mean light, strong and really maneuverable. It’s made from lightweight aluminum alloy and we’ve given it a bike-inspired FR grip that won’t slip. It then has a wide strap, and an 85mm powder basket for better floatation when you’re out of the park and in the deep. - 4* Aluminium Pole Technology - FR Grip - Padded Strap - Powder Basket (97mm) - Steel Tip
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