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Madshus Redline Skin Skis 2023

Madshus Redline Skin Skis 2023
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The Redline Skin 2023 stands out as a top-tier skin ski designed for classic technique training and racing, eliminating the need for grip waxes. Built with a construction akin to our Redline Classic skis, it incorporates an integrated 100% Mohair skin in the wax pocket, ensuring consistent grip and glide in all conditions.

Madshus employs a progressive milling profile, with the deepest points at the front and rear of the skin zone and the shallowest in the middle. This mirrors the waxing technique, providing a more natural skin skiing experience and significantly improving glide during descents and double poling.

For skilled skiers eyeing skin skis for racing, the Redline Skin is the ultimate choice, offering unparalleled performance and ease of use.